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Welcome to Zibo Bingyang Zibo Bingyang abrasives Co., LTD is a professional company who produces first-rate coated abrasives, bonded abrasives, every kind of abrasive grains. We have 20 years experiences of abrasives manufacture and marketing. We have powerful after-sale protection to make our customers without worries. Our products gain good reputation for us throughout the world. Click for More

Hot Products

    • China Adhesive Sandpaper Sanding Disc

      China Adhesive Sandpaper Sanding Disc

      Adhesive Sandpaper used for polishing and grinding

    • Blue Ceramic Alumina Grains

      Blue Ceramic Alumina Grains

      Ceramic Alumina Abrasive, generally called “SG” is a newly developed alumina abrasive. Different from fused alumina, it is made from chemical and sintering process. Now several commercial brands have gone into the abrasive market, such as: XTL, HTB, Cubitron, CA, BCA, SG-S, TG etc.