High Quality Aluminum Oxide Powder

Aluminum oxide powder is wildly used in the production of heat-resisting, wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting products, such as high alumina refractory products, strong ceramics, high grade abrasive, electromagnetic equipments, etc.
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Product Description

Aluminium Oxide

Appearance: White powder

Material: A-AL203

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

1. Stable crystal form
2. High hardness
3. Good resistance to abrasion
4. High mechanical strength
5. High melting point 6. Excellent electric insulating property
7. Outstanding resistance to corrosion

The product appearance is white powder, easy to disperse, hydrated exothermic.
This product is mainly used as binder for refractory materials or as carrier for catalyst.

Alumina Powder Application advantage

1. When used in inks, painting and coating, it has significant photocatalytic antibacterial function, and has a good photo catalytic degradation of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases, it can well improve the adhesion , anti-aging performance;

2. Based on its strong capability of shielding ultraviolet and high transparency, it is widely used in cosmetics, paints and other products;

3. The product has the property of antibacterial, anti-aging and protection from UVR (ultraviolet radiation), and greatly improve adhesion strength of products.

4. The product has uniform particle size, big surface area, good dispersion and transparency, and has good property of anti-UV.

5. It has good compatibility with paint and coatings

6.The product can be made of liquid by adding water, then apply the liquid on the surface of ceramic brick, you can get 1cm nanometer titanium film with the property of killing bacteria after heating in a high temperature. The film can completely kill bacteria on the surface in the light or even the weak light.

7. The product can make sterilization 99%, and the degradative rate of formaldehyde reach to 85% in the sunlight and 4W UV light.

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