Flap Disc Grinding Wheel For Angel Grinder

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Flap Disc Grinding Wheel  for angel grinder

Flap Disc Grinding Wheel is one of the coated abrasives. It is made by pressing the cut out coated blades, one by one, along the circumference and gluing them to the backing plate with an adhesive. Blades are mainly installed on hand-held power tools for grinding and polishing all kinds of metal and non-metal welds, burrs, chamfers, surfaces, and other materials. Rust removal, surface polishing, etc. Compared with the fixed abrasive resin wheel, the grinding and polishing can be done at once, which shortens the operation time and saves grinding cost.

Flap Wheels

The advantages of the Flap Disc Grinding Wheel include:

Improved grinding efficiency, strong self-sharpening of abrasive, high utilization rate, air cooling without damaging the surface, easy control of surface quality and high cost performance.

It is widely used in various industries in the manufacturing industry because of its advantages in reducing operator fatigue and increasing machine life.

CA Flap wheel 010

The main particle size range 36#-320#.

 60#, 80# is the most commonly used, outside diameter 100mm 180mm (4"-7") in an angle grinder for the regrinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, stone, wood and plastics. It can also be used to polish welded seams and stamping parts with flying edge. This product can be used interchangeably with resin cymbal grinding wheels.

Red iron flap wheel

Size: 100*16mm, 115*22mm, 125*22mm, 150*22mm, 180*22mm

Grit:  40#, 60#, 80#, 120#, #320

Backing: fiberglass or plastic

Max working speed: 80m/s.
Application: cleaning of welding seams, deburring. It is usually used for grinding metal, stainless steel.

Features: Low noise, cool grinding processes with excellent finishing effect, quick and easy to install.

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