Flexible Abrasive Foam Pad For Car Body

Flexible Abrasive Foam Pad/Sanding Sponge produced by high quality sponge and superior Alumina grains. It suitable for polishing and deburring in metal, woodenware,furniture,auto industry,etc.
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Product Details

Product Parameter

Product Name: Sanding Sponge/Flexible Abrasive Foam Pad

Substrate: high density and high quality sponge
Brown alumina


Product Feature

*Using high density sponges as base material, the resilience is excellent, plasticity is strong, and it is not easy to tear.
*The design of the bevel edge is more conduc
tive to polishing parts such as corners and other polishing products which are not easy to operate.
*The Sanding Sponges are portable and handy, and suitable for polishing flat and irregular surfaces.
*Can be used wet or dry.Because of its own water storage function, it can reduce flushing and improve work efficiency.
*Planting sand on four sides can effectively improve the service life and reduce the cost.

Scope of Application

-Can be used in furniture,woodenware industry,paint polished, deburring, etc.
-Metal, automobile, aircraft, ship and other industries polishing, rust removal, decontamination, paint etc.
-Fine repair of stone and carving industry.
-Plastic industry.



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