Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge

Name: Soft Flexible Sanding Sponge
Grit: 36# 60# 100# 120# 180# 220# 240# 320#
Size: 120*100*12mm
Package: 250pcs/carton
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Product Details

Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge is ideal for sanding wood, paint, metal, plastic and drywall. The flexible foam sponge can be used for either dry or wet sanding and can be rinsed and reused. Extremely flexible, softback.


Soft Flexible Sanding Sponge


36# 60# 100# 120# 180# 220# 240# 320#






Grinding and polishing for woodworking, paint prep, wall surface, coating and corrosion removal, composite and advanced materials, etc.
Especially suitable for the curves and over contoured surface.


Can be used in both wet or dry condition.
Durable life.

Using Tips

Use in applications where a high level of flexibility is needed.

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