Carborundum Silicon Carbide Black Powder

Carborundum Silicon Carbide Black Powder

Cubic silicon carbide (β-SiC), a cubic crystal system (diamond crystal type), the same as diamond and cubic boron nitride crystal structure.
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Cubic silicon carbide (β-SiC), a cubic crystal system (diamond crystal type), the same as diamond and cubic boron nitride crystal structure. Compared to the hexagonal crystal structure of ordinary silicon carbide, cubic silicon carbide has higher hardness, toughness, strong cutting power and higher grinding efficiency.


Cubic silicon carbide has excellent properties such as abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, heat shock resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and good semi-conductivity. For electronics, information, military, aerospace, advanced refractory materials, special ceramic materials, advanced grinding materials and reinforcing materials, etc.

Performance Features.

 β-SiC has excellent physical and chemical properties, with high strength, high hardness, high thermal conductivity, high sintering activity, high semiconductor. Characteristics and low thermal expansion coefficient. Its hardness is close to that of diamond, commonly known as emery; the polishing performance of the sample is much better than that of white corundum and α-SiC (black). (silicon carbide and green silicon carbide), the surface roughness of the sample is good; β-SiC has more electron-hole defects in the grain, its forbidden band, and its surface roughness is good. The width is smaller than α-SiC, so the electrical conductivity is several times higher than that of α-SiC; β-SiC has excellent thermal conductivity and low thermal coefficient of expansion, resulting in low thermal stresses during heating and cooling. 

Cubic SiC001

Cube SiC powder applications


   β-SiC powder has high chemical stability, high hardness, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, wide energy band gap, high electronic drift. High speed, high electron migration rate, special resistance temperature characteristics, etc., so it is abrasion resistant, high temperature resistant, heat shock resistant, corrosion resistant and radiation resistant. It has been widely used in various industries, such as electronics, information, precision processing technology, precision processing technology, and other industries. Military, aerospace, advanced refractory materials, special ceramic materials, advanced grinding materials and reinforcing materials. Its application scope is mainly divided into the following categories.


(1) Powdered materials


   In the advanced structural ceramics, functional ceramics and advanced refractory market has a very broad prospects for application.


(2) Grinding and polishing materials


  At present, one of the main uses of β-SiC is as an abrasive material, and β-SiC micro powder has the advantages of chemical stability, high hardness, and high strength. It has the advantage of good abrasion resistance.

(3) Electronic materials


  As a semiconducting material, β-SiC can be fabricated into nonlinear resistive electronic devices, such as surge-absorbing and demagnetizing resistive components. Its anti-voltage performance is several times higher than α-SiC, and the anti-corona effect of the generator after adding β-SiC is very obvious.


(4) Reinforcements


Adding β-SiC to polymer composites and metal materials can greatly improve their thermal conductivity, reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, and increase the thermal conductivity of the material. Abrasion resistance, etc. Moreover, since the specific gravity of β-SiC is small, it does not affect the weight of the material structure.

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