Basic contents of Chromium corundum

- Nov 27, 2018-

The main minerals are composed of Α-al2o3-cr2o3 solid solute.

Secondary minerals consist of a small number of composite spinel (or not containing composite spinel), chromium oxide content of 1%~30% refractory brick.

There are two kinds of molded chromium corundum brick and sintered chromium corundum brick. In general, chromium corundum brick refers to sintered chromium corundum brick. Using Α-al2o3 as raw material, add appropriate amount of chromium oxide powder and chromium corundum clinker fine powder, after molding, sintering at high temperature. The content of chromium oxide in sintered chromium rigid brick is generally lower than that of molten chromium corundum brick. It can also be prepared by mud pouring method, the Α-al2o3 powder and chromium oxide powder are evenly mixed, the gel and organic binder are added to make thick slurry, and some chromium corundum clinker is added, and the Grouting method is used as the brick and then burned. Can be used as glass kiln lining, drawing glass fluid hole cover brick and for iron pretreatment device, waste incinerator, coal water slurry pressurized gasifier backing and so on.