The Notre Dame De Paris Which Has A History Of 850 Years Was On Fire, The Fashion Capital Was In Despair, And The People Prayed

- Apr 16, 2019-


The raging fire burned the famous spires of Notre Dame de Paris, and a large number of colored rose windows in the church exploded due to excessive temperatures, which were built in 1225.


From the sky overlooking the look of Notre Dame in Paris, it is hard to imagine that this is an invaluable treasure that is protected. The cause of the fire at the Paris Police Department was related to the repair work. The fire brigade sighed reluctantly, "Hell can't stop."


At 5:50 GMT, the Notre Dame began to smoke, and by 19:00, the famous spire collapsed. Since then the fire is still burning, at 19:45, the fire will light the only remaining stained glass windows.

Faced with the destruction of art and history in front of us, the people of the fashion capital are in despair. They witnessed the tragedy and squatted on the sidewalk to pray that the fire can be controlled as soon as possible




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