Different Types of sandpaper

- Jul 08, 2020-

Sandpaper can be divided by shape into sandpaper and sanding tape, sandpaper is like the paper we use and can be torn directly by hand, the reverse side of the sanding tape is usually Fabric, suitable for use with sanding machines, also more durable.

According to different abrasive substances can be divided into, dry sandpaper, water sandpaper, sponge sandpaper.


Dry sandpaper, also known as dry sandpaper, uses synthetic resin as a binder, with silicon carbide particles pasted onto latex paper, between the sanding particles. It is also suitable for sanding and grinding. Metal surfaces, wood surfaces, putty and coatings, dry sanding paper is usually special kraft paper or latex paper.

Water sandpaper is also called water abrasive sandpaper, water-resistant sandpaper, abrasive material is silicon carbide, the paper base is generally kraft paper, water sandpaper texture is finer sand between the gaps are smaller, grinding out of the debris particles are also smaller, and water with the debris will be flushed out, so as not to affect the sharpness of the sand grains, water sandpaper suitable for grinding texture more delicate things, but also suitable for post-processing, used in stone polishing, metal processing, abrasive processing, automotive polishing and other industries.


Sponge sandpaper, also known as sponge sand block, it is a sponge for the matrix, in the sponge implanted grinding sand particles, which is characterized by soft and flexible, strong water absorption, can be reused, widely used in solid wood processing, metal stainless steel processing, machinery manufacturing and other surface grinding and polishing.


Manufacturing of sandpaper

Sandpaper, the most common sanding tool, is primarily made up of thousands of abrasives on the surface, and did you know that sanding grit on sandpaper is How do you fix it on? Come along and learn about the manufacturing process of sandpaper.

After the sanding cloth base enters the machine and passes between two rollers, it will be printed on the back of the sanding cloth with specifications, size, trademark and other information.


Number of abrasive items

The abrasives used on sandpaper are man-made grains of sand, mainly silicon carbide and aluminum oxide, which share the common characteristic of being resistant to high temperatures and abrasion, which makes it an ideal material for manufacturing sandpaper.

The sandpaper we buy has a coarse and fine, generally with a mesh to represent the coarseness of the sandpaper, usually printed on the back of the mesh on the sandpaper, the mesh is based on the number of holes per square inch area to determine the number of sieves, it means that there are multi-mesh, the greater the mesh number of sieves per square inch on the number of holes the finer the abrasive, and vice versa.

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