How to use the sandpaper?

- Jul 26, 2019-


Sandpaper is an essential tool in woodworking and other crafts. Using sandpaper properly will give you a polished, smooth surface that is ready for paint or stain, while using it improperly can leave your wood full of scratches. Choosing the right sandpaper for your project and learning the right technique for sanding down surfaces will help you make beautiful finished pieces

1   Buy the abrasive that’s best for your project. Sandpaper comes in different materials. Each material works best with particular types of sanding. Your options are:[1]

· Garnet. Garnet is a natural abrasive used for sanding any kind of bare wood. Garnet is versatile, but it dulls faster than other sandpapers.[2]

· Silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is best used for sanding down joint compound (the thick mix used to plaster over seams in drywall) and getting out specks of dust that get trapped under your wood finish.[3]

· Aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide can be used to sand down wood, metal, and paint. It’s duller than silicon carbide, but it lasts longer.[4]

· Ceramic. Mostly used for power sanding, ceramic is one of the most durable and expensive abrasives.[5]

· Alumina zirconia. A hard and durable abrasive. Use alumina zirconia if you're using a machine with a disc or belt.