Important standard for high-grade silicon carbide abrasives

- May 21, 2019-


The grinding and polishing performance of the belt is mainly based on abrasives. The substrate is a carrier.

        Important standards for high-grade silicon carbide abrasives:

        1: Cleanliness:

        The abrasive is placed in a glass water bottle for agitation, clear or turbid, with or without suspended solids. Abrasive surfaces are poorly cleaned, and even better binders are in vain.

        2: Chemical content of abrasive:

        Chemical content = abrasive purity

        Silicon carbide content (p12--220)>99.50%

        Silicon carbide content (p240---400>99%

        Silicon carbide content (p500---1200)>98.50% 

        Silicon carbide content (1500--3000)>98.00%

        Ferric oxide <0.15%

        Free carbon <0.15%

        Magnetic material <0.005

        3: Abrasive grain shape

        Only grinding efficiency is required, no finish is required, and the more needle-like pieces, the better.

        Both grinding efficiency and smoothness are required, and the shape of the abrasive should be multi-prism and equal.

        4: One item (including small items) does not meet the above criteria and is low grade abrasive.

        Other indicators (such as: particle size composition, etc.) are normally done according to customer requirements.

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