What is the difference of brown corundum and high temperature calcined brown corundum.

- Apr 28, 2019-

The high-temperature calcined brown corundum is more common in the production process of ordinary brown corundum. The ordinary brown fused alumina has undergone two high-temperature calcination. The calcination temperature is about 1400 ° C. The calcined brown corundum has better characteristics than ordinary brown corundum. High-temperature abrasive production is a new industry in recent years, with a good development momentum and broad market prospects. Compared with ordinary abrasives, the performance advantages of high-temperature abrasives are mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

1 Improve the magnetic induction of the abrasive: weak magnetic transformation into strong magnetic, can smoothly remove the magnetic material.

2 Improve the hydrophilicity of the abrasive: the hydrophilicity is increased by 2-3 times.

3 Improve the recovery of abrasive: high temperature can effectively repair the crack generated by abrasive in heavy load breaking, which is conducive to the cracking of crystal cracks.

4 Improve the bonding strength: The high-temperature sintering process vaporizes the impurities on the surface of the abrasive, greatly increasing the specific surface area of the particles, and the abrasive is more firmly bonded to the cloth.

5 Improve durability: High-temperature abrasive durability is more than 40% higher than ordinary brown corundum.


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