Workflow of sandblasting for rust removal

- Apr 15, 2020-

1. Before sandblasting for rust removal, good personal safety protection, wear the necessary protective clothing protective gear; and sandblasting machine and vent pipe inspection, to ensure that the seal, spray test, if the ventilation dust removal equipment failure, then we must stop sandblasting work.

2. Rusty workpieces need to do a basic cleaning of the surface before sandblasting rust removal, to avoid affecting the process of sandblasting rust removal. Usually the method of exposure to sunlight, as well as solvent cleaning, acid washing, etc.

3. Sandblasting and rust removal treatment, the spray material is aligned with the surface of the mechanical workpiece to be treated, the distance needs to be maintained at 15-30 cm or so.

4. Maintain the uniform operation of sandblasting volume and speed, and remove rust, oxide layer, oil, etc. through the impact and cutting effect of pomegranate sand on the surface of the workpiece, and sandblast rust removal according to the cleaning level.

5. After sandblasting and rust removal, stop the dust collector for 5 minutes and then turn it off to avoid damage to the machine.